Thursday, November 22, 2007


The PayPal factor - the power of environment

If you are one clued-up, web-savvy, marketing-oriented chappy (or chappess) - there are several ways to make your mark on the world, and million$ in the process

1) Go alone
2) Go alone but hire others
3) Work for others

It seems to be that, if you are full of beans and talent, and a potential employer is on the verge, then a relationship is quite likely. And, when hired, you and a bunch of similar young studs (or studettes), are the factor that makes your company a success, well:

a) You will hopefuly have made lots of money from shares & options
b) You will have seen how it all works at corporate level
c) You'll have become cocky enough to go solo

The folk behind these sites all started out at PayPal:


Read about the PayPal Mafia at CNN

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