Sunday, September 7, 2008


How to get into Google News

Your blog does not qualify. So what does? Here are the factors that Google considers before accepting an application to be a source for Google News:

1) Original content, not just regurgitated news.
2) Multiple Authors (Create an “Authors” page of the writers, editors, etc).
3) Organization info: Contact info, About Us.
4) Homepage/Logo should clearly state what industry segment you cover (music, sports, finance, etc.).
5) Use a news template/theme for a blog. I’m a big fan of three-column themes.
6) Article URL’s should consist of at least 3 digits, and appear static not dynamic. For examples, just mouse over the URL’s on the homepage of Google News.
7) Author’s name on each article.
8) Article Title should be the same on the H1 and Title tag.
9) Article Frequency: Publish 3 times per day.
10) Images & Video are good. They should be contained within the article.
11) Advertising on site is good. It show’s there is visitor traffic.

Found here via Sphinn.


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