Monday, November 24, 2008


Microsoft - Trying Hard but Never Top of the Class

Poor Microsoft. For all the work they are doing, for all their staff and cash reserves, many things we've grown to expect in the Web 2.0 / Google era seem to be beyond them.

Hotmail - after years of having to scroll to the top to push delete (the misguided logic is that we will see the banner ad again, but they probably never tested such), they have fixed that. But simple stupid problems remain. While their competitors offer unlimited storage, Hotmail still serves me up this message when I try to mark a sender as safe:

Your list of safe senders is full. To add more, remove addresses until there are fewer than 250 safe senders.

Branding - years too late they are rebranding the Microsoft/MSN/Live search engine to the Japanese word for cloud. Right from the start, they should have copied Google - brands where it suits (Orkut, Picasa), Microsoft whatever where it doesn't (Google Maps). Microsoft is a powerful brand, why dilute it with MSN and Live? People will still refer to you as Microsoft.

Vista - if only I could easily go back to XP. Every single aspect is better, IMHO, except for one tiny thing - it is extraordinarily slow, so slow no future RAM or processor will ever fix it.


Friday, November 14, 2008 - Very Naughty

I've received them too - emails from sites like and, telling me that a friend is trying to contact me. I ignore them, but those who are curious need to take out a paid subscription to find out that the friend doesn't exist.

Thankfully a white knight, Anthony Michaels (one of the few people to ever successfully sue Google) is suing

In the internet age it is vital to be squeaky clean in all endeavours, business or personal.

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