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Safe Search for kids is more than just a filter - and is very safe - see the list of their content providers

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Lycos now uses AlltheWeb for advanced searching

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Lycos gets its name from Lycosidae, Latin for Wolf Spider, a ground spider that catches its prey by pursuit rather than using a web. Develped at Carnegie Mellon University, it is one of the oldest search engines, having been on-line since May 1994. In 1998 Lycos bought Tripod, the free webpage provider. Since April 1999 (when it surpassed Yahoo as most visited portal) its directory has been provided by Open Directory. They bought Hotbot in June 1999. In January 2000 it ditched its index and replaced it with Fast. Consequently it has become an amalgamation of sourced content, as opposed to its original innovations.

Size: 575 million (they use AllTheWeb)
Searches per day: ???

Popularity: Roughly 14-35% of American websurfers visited Lycos last month, according two to different surveys.

Amazing number of links on their Home Page: 146

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