Saturday, May 30, 2009


Status - The Key to the Survival of Phone Companies

It's way to late for me or anyone else to come up with this idea. It could only be of use if every phone company in the world decided on a standard and implemented it within a year. Sounds impossible.

The idea: just like you can set a status in IM, you should be able to do it on your phone. For example, if I am in the cinema, I don't want to take calls period. And I don't want people to leave messages. But if I could set my status to unavailable, and my status message to "in cinema until 8:15", then people would understand, and call me back after the movie finishes.


Status options of Available, Unavailable & Busy
Status Messages of a length up to 130 chars, leaving 14 for the status type
Options of who gets to see your status, or your status and your message
The ability to change the status dependant on who is calling

That's it - all that is needed. The rest can be handled by software on the phones.
Phones can then do things like "if Bob calls, and my status message is "asleep", let the phone ring.

In doing so, people will retain their phone services, rather than switching to VOIP, IM etc. Otherwise, bye-bye phone companies, hello ISPs.


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