Monday, May 11, 2009


This Will Be Big - Online Game Show

Microsoft is debuting an interactive version of "1 vs. 100," an Endemol-created game show in which one person combats 100 others for a sizable cash prize.

"1 vs. 100" marks the first offering for Xbox Live Primetime. The show will air in North America over the summer and fall, MediaWeek writes, and as many as 200,000 Xbox Live Gold members are expected to play either the live versions, which will air Fridays and Saturdays, or quick-play versions throughout the week.

I'm not predicting that this first iteration will be a hit, but the concept in general. Everyone that watches a game show wishes they were playing it. Online PCs and consoles are very capable of running muti-player games, even massive ones, so such contests should be easy to host, and popular. Early adopters clever at finding ways to cheat could intially make some good $$


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