Friday, December 14, 2007


Live Cricket Scores in Google Results

How cool is this... the live cricket match between Australia & New Zealand wasn't on - they had a replay of an old AU/England match on instead. The first step in finding out whether the game had finished early or not was to do a Google search for "cricket".

The results had at the top:

Current Cricket Matches

Eng 351/10 | SL 548/9 | Eng 250/3 (Match drawn)
PD Collingwood* 23, KP Pietersen 45 - scorecard
NZ 254/7(50) | Aus 154/2(26.3) | RR: 5.81 (Match is delayed due to rain)
RT Ponting* 51(61), MJ Clarke 33(54) - scorecard

How cool is that!


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