Thursday, January 1, 2009


Web 3.0 - Personal Operating System

It has been tried by many, and the time is not far off when someone will get it right. Think iGoogle on steroids.

One page that you will really want to use as your browser home page. It will do everything that could possibly be personal.

- email, including "one-off" accounts to thwart spammy companies
- backup management, connecting with an online service
- file uploads, mostly this would be photos and videos, straight to their online home
- music downloads
- your blog
- RSS feeds
- bookmarks (shared or not)

Basically, a portal to your online world, but covers everything. The page would look a bit like a Windows desktop, with icons, widgets and a cascading menu. Or it could be a series of tabs along the top of the page.

Google, Apple & Microsoft will each have one, and it might only work on their particular browser. But the widgets and applications won't be service dependent

Google's will have the best look and features, but will be constantly updated and will stay in beta. Apple's will have no bugs, and Microsoft's will be the only one with ads.


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