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FetchBook.Info - New & Used Books
Find the lowest price - Scan 72 book stores, 40,000 sellers, in a click.

This is the ADVANCED SEARCH PAGE - there are more forms on the EASY SEARCH PAGE

 AbeBooks (Advanced Book Exchange) 

Abebooks is a quick and easy way to locate Hard to Find books (50 million titles). 
It networks together thousands of bookstores, many too small to have their own website.




These guys boast a huge collection of out-of-print, hard to find books, rare, autographed and used books. Voted the top online bookstore by Yahoo in 2000, Forbes magazine 2001. They supply Amazon!
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Show newly arrived used books only

  • Select Book Class "All" to include new books in your search
  • Spend more than $50 and get free shipping within North America
  • Read their collection of the latest book reviews from, Esquire, The New Republic and The Atlantic Online
  • NEW! - recommend titles, and read what others have suggested - it's called Daily Dose


Powell's Books


eBay typically has 300,000 used books and magazines for sale at any one time. A smaller book-only auction site is at BooksbyBid


 Some Tricks and Ideas 

  • If it isn't rare - Powells will have the cheapest copies 
  • Use Bookfinder to meta-search
  • Use Abebooks for regional searching
  • Let SearchBiblio automatically meta-search for a particular book every day, to save you from having to do it.
  • Finished with a book? Set it free via BookCrossing
  • Use the Library of Congress database to find the ISBN and other details about out-of-print books. Or the new ISBNDB site
  • Look for a copy in archives or libraries
  • Not a complete set? - buy/sell/trade odd volumes from encyclopedias, dictionaries, author works etc at SetMaker


Search 20 million used books at


Search millions of out-of-print books using the BibliOZ Book Search wizard

I have no idea where they get their results from, but they have more used books than Alibris or AbeBooks, and that is saying something

Search By: Title Author Keyword


UK based Biblion has about 500 dealers worldwide and over 2.5 million books listed.



Meta-searches the two biggies: Advanced Book Exchange and the Amazon-owned Bibliofind, as well as Alibris, Antiqbook (Netherlands), Biblion (UK),, JustBooks (European),,, Bibliology and others...


Book Type:  
Price Range:   min and max

  • Classic search is good if you are expecting few results, if you have searched for author and title
  • AddAll brings up similar results to Bookfinder, but the process is different - faster, but with less verbose info
  • meta-searches 72 stores, new and used, and includes Amazon reviews
  • Use the Library of Congress database to find the ISBN of most out-of-print books
  • or try RedLightGreen, contains 126 million bibliographic records


Just type in an author or title, and Vendio (formerly known as AuctionWatch) will search online auctions for you (and can keep watching for you). Most of the results will come from eBay, Yahoo Auctions and Auctions. Other sites searched include Excite Auctions, Up4Sale, boxLot, CityAuction, and Auction Universe.

Word in title:
word in title and description

 More Resources 


  • Bibliopoly - If you are serious about antique books, use this search engine - nothing cheap or common here
  • Philadelpia Rare Books & Manuscripts - Early Printed Books, Substantive Manuscripts. U.S. & Latin America, Mexico & New World Languages, Hispanica, Histories & the History of Ideas, Travels, Law, Religion, & Bibles (all prior to 1820).
  • Amazon Rare Books - they have a bunch of stuff, like signed first editions

  • Alibris - San Francisco company with a database of millions of used books, manuscripts, maps, photos, prints, and autographs. FREE SHIPPING to USA addresses on orders over $50
  • Strand Book Store - New York City's legendary bookstore's rare book section.
  • iOffer - Books - very similar to eBay, except there is no auctions happening - you just buy and sell. 10,000+ used books listed
  • Used Book Central - run by Oregon Books
  • Book Sale Finder - lets you locate area events that are usually sponsored by "friends of the library" volunteer groups. Comprehensive, USA only.
  • A.B.A.A - at the Antiquarian Booksellers Assoc. of America you can search more than 480 book sellers
  • Better World - 2 Million Used Books in stock. Free Shipping in USA, $2.97 Worldwide.

  • ZVAB - German site (in English). Over 5 million books from 1000 antiquarian dealers in 18 countries (but mostly German)
  • Maremagnum - Italian site listing books from dealers all over Europe (site in English)
  • L'ex-Libris - French site. In French!
  • Galaxidion - French site. In French!
  • Chapitre - in French - claims to be the biggest French site for used books
  • Suche & Finde Bücher - Austrian used book metasearch engine
  • Iber Libro - Spanish, in Spanish

  • Biblion UK - within the world famous Grays Antique Market, and with 70 book dealers displaying some 14,000 books
  • Independent Booksellers' Network - a small cooperative of independent UK booksellers
  • The Clique - links to some 400 UK booksellers with searchable websites
  • UK Book World - over a million out-of-print books for sale by secondhand booksellers in the world-famous booktown of Hay-on-Wye on the border between England and Wales, and by hundreds of other independent booksellers throughout Britain.
  • Goldenbks - leather books, maps, prints and first editions

  • - a collective of International stores, with 2.3 million out of print and rare books listed. Quite a good percentage are not listed on the other services
  • Antiqbooks - a big listing of used book stores around the world
  • Tomfolio - collective of more than 100 used and antique book stores
  • ChooseBooks - 714 Sellers with over 4 million items items listed for sale. In English, German, French & Spanish.
  • Book Avenue - Independent network of 740+ used book stores, including many collectors and smaller booksellers that don't use ABE
  • International League of Antiquarian Booksellers - Over 2000 booksellers in 20 countries, with a search form that can accept foreign characters
  • AntiqBook - 440 independent book sellers, 5 million books

  • BookSearch at Hay - If the book exists, they will do their best to find it. Their motto is "We Never Give Up"
  • BiblioQuest - Their search routines utilise both computer database matching and traditional bookfinding techniques


  • Bloomsbury Book Auctions - the only auction house in England devoted entirely to the sale of books and manuscript material. Auctions every fortnight.
  • Pacific Book Online Auctions - largest book auction house in the western United States. Conducts continuous on-line auctions of rare & antiquarian books.



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NOTE: I am unable to tell you how much your book/s are worth. The best way is to visit your local dealer (list here) or use Bookfinder to find a similar book for sale, or use for a professional online book appraisal

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