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 Online Reference Services  

  • Dictionaries
    Why just use one? Search the best online dictionaries from one place.
  • Encyclopedias
    There was a time when they took up half your bookshelf. Now they live in cyberspace.
  • Questions & Answers
    Just ask a question, and the citizens of the web will find answers for you!
  • Translations
    Tools and links to help you decipher text in other languages.
  • Maps and Places
    This page is chock-full with ways to find geographical data, from post codes to satellite images.
  • Country Information
    Facts and figures from sites like the CIA World Factbook
  • Currencies
    Calculate current exchange rates. Fast and easy to use.
  • Converters (and calculators)
    The world is anything but standard when it comes to measuring things. Even the economic super power USA still uses non-metric measurements. There are also tools for calculating, time and currencies linked to...
  • Recipes
    Search the biggest collections of recipes online from the one page.
  • Health
    Search for information on ailments and remedies
  • Online Bibles
    This is great - searchable Bibles! Find your favourite passage easily. Compare different versions.

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