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Need to translate web pages? Try SYSTRAN Personal 4.0 and its Internet Explorer plugin!


This Systran translation service is a classic - and is essential for the 46% of web users who can't read the 80% websites that are in English. This powerful language translator is available as software for your PC
Single web pages can be translated, but if you click on a link on the translated page, the translation ends



  • Type a period before any proper name or other word that should not be translated ie .Barry

 Babel Fish - Yahoo  

Yahoo's Babel Fish is like Systran, but with a few more languages and the ability to translate entire websites (all the links will be translated when you visit them!).

Text - Enter up to 150 words:

Web page:

  • Type a period before any proper name or other word that should not be translated ie .Barry


 Some Tricks and Ideas 

  • Some single-word translation machines do not tolerate trailing spaces - when cut'n'pasting be careful not to have spaces on either side of a single word!


  Translate text:


  Translate a web page:


 Free Translation 

They convert to Norwegian as well. Possibly better translations than BabelFish, but when translating web pages you must do one at a time

If you need to enter non-keyboard characters, do it here

Note: this is a Java applet, if it doesn't work, go direct to their website.

 More URL Translators 

WorldLingo - text and URLs - Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Russian to English and vice versa

LogoMedia DEAD - text, email, files and URLs (continues through links) between 10 languages - English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Japanese, Spanish and Russian. Very impressive, requires name and email for free registration

InterTran - text and URLs, between 28 languages, but not so hot grammar-wise. Brazilian Portuguese, Bulgarian (CP 1251), Croatian (CP 1250), Czech (CP 1250), Danish, Dutch, English, Filipino (Tagalog), Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian (CP 1250), Icelandic, Italian, Japanese (Shift JIS), Latin American Spanish, Latin, Norwegian, Polish (ISO 8859-2), Portuguese, Romanian (CP 1250), Russian (CP 1251), Serbian (CP 1250), Slovenian (CP 1250), Spanish, Swedish, Turkish (CP 1254), Welsh.

alphaWorks - text and URLs from English to French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Korean and Chinese

ArcNet - URLs and text between Chinese, Japanese, Malay, Indonesian and English

Promt - translates text, email, WAP and webpages (including links followed) between Russian and French, German, Spanish or English

Promt-Reverso - Text between English, French, Russian, German, Spanish & Italian. Also does URLs - links translated

Lingro - visit websites in their browser, click on words you don't know, find out what they mean!


Need any help? Read the FAQ page, which has a form for sending me a message at the bottom

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