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Need to translate web pages? Try SYSTRAN Personal 4.0 and its Internet Explorer plugin!

 Translation Help FAQ 

Q. There is no link to the translator I need

A. It's quite likely that it doesn't exist yet. I have listed every worthy resource I have come across - I've bound to have missed a few, but unfortunately don't have the time to look for a service that mightn't even exist

Q. The translator you link to is not working

A. This happens all the time. Many get overloaded with enquiries, or the service is no longer maintained. In many cases it is the only service for that particular language, and so I leave the link in case it starts working again.

Q. How do I translate a name from one language to another?
A. Names cannot be directly translated. You need to go to Behind the Name or Think Baby Names - and find the meaning of the name, then translate the meaning. Often you will have multiple choices of meanings and translations - I suggest choosing the resulting word which sounds nicer.

Q. The translator only translates single words - and I need sentences, paragraphs, entire texts translated
A. Online translators are best for getting an idea of what is written in another language - they are not accurate enough for professional use. Translating texts one word at a time is full of problems, including multiple translations for each word, and rules of grammar, and the time it takes. In time better services will exist...

Q. Please translate this text for me...
A. I have no translation skills, all I do is link to services that can help you - you are on your own!


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