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 Meta-Search Engines 

These all visit multiple search engines, combine the results, and derive a consensus of opinion. In theory they should be better than any single search engine, albeit a little slower. Even so, they don't get used very much, which is a shame.

If you wish to really go to the extreme, try my unique Meta-Meta-Search Engine


Combines the results of MSN, Yahoo & Google, and very nicely provides a frame for viewing the results



New, uses Vivisimo. Clusty queries results from Looksmart, Lycos, MSN, Open Directory, Teoma, Gigablast, and Wisenut. Excellent starting point for the Wikipedia.



An excellent collection of engines are searched - MSN, Yahoo, Google, Ask, Open Directory & WiseNut. Fast results, clusters, nice layout. Use this!


Has been around forever, and in its current incarnation does its task in a simple but effective manner - it just searches the big 4 - Yahoo, Google, MSN & Ask. Unfortunately it places sponsored links in amongst the search results, and they are hard to spot!


 Smart Little Engine 

Simply searches MSN, Yahoo & Ask. Does it well, although can be a little slow


Well known, due to its enduring existence... Meta-searches, Open Directory, LookSmart, MSN, Ask Jeeves, Entireweb, Teoma and FindWhat

 Other Excellent Meta-Search Engines


  • Surfwax - Uses Yahoo & MSN, plus some less useful sources. Gives unique info on pages found such as number of links, images, words etc. Allows you to focus on keywords, to find a more precise meaning. Heavy use of Javascript. Best suited to serious researching of rare topics
  • Kartoo & Ujiko - have a unique visual display of results and clustering
  • Xooda - works well if you select just the top 4 engines
  • Twingine - shows Google and Yahoo results side-by-side. Very simple, very useful!
  • TurboScout - a serial meta-search. A very quick way to search different engines, one at a time
  • IceRocket - better known for its blog search, the web search has great results - although there's nothing on their site now, it used to say it was powered by WiseNut, Yahoo, MSN, Teoma, Altavista, Alltheweb, Lycos etc
  • Zuula - side-by-side results of Yahoo, MSN & Google, plus brilliant new engines Gigablast & Exalead
  • GoYaMs - lets you alter the weighting of the Big 3 how you like
  • Zippy - meta-searches the Top 4, with lots of related searches from each to refine things

 Out of Favor Now

  • ZWorks - Used to be excellent, but it doesn't use Google, and its reliance on AllTheWeb & AltaVista means it basically just meta-searches Yahoo properties and returns Yahoo results
  • RealTerm - Used to be very good, although slow. This showcase for advanced technology has had its homepage removed from the web, but you can still see if working here
  • QKSearch - loads of options, uses Yahoo, Looksmart, Msn, Teoma, Google, Wisenut - let down by still using AltaVista and AllTheWeb
  • KillerInfo - uses the Vivisimo clustering engine, however results are different. Unfortunately it only searches MSN & Yahoo these days.
  • Izito - searches Google, Yahoo, MSN, Teoma, Wisenut, Kobala - let down by still using AltaVista and AllTheWeb
  • DigForIt - like many metas, it says it searches Google but it doesn't. The sliding bar that alters the weight of each engine is excellent
  • Vroosh - yep it is fast, but only searches Google & Fast/Yahoo

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