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Live Search

 Submit your Web URL to MSN

If a site already links to yours, MSN will most likely find it. If they don't, you can submit it here. Keep in mind that if they don't like it, it might be removed:

"After your website has been indexed, it will stay in the index for 60 days. However, depending on your site ranking, your website may be removed from the index." says MSN

 History of Windows Live Search

MSN Search began in the autumn of 1998 using Inktomi search results. In 1999, MSN Search also displayed listings from Looksmart or AltaVista as well. It has used its own index since a beta program in November 2004, and was out of beta by early 2005. MSN Search's search engine index these days includes over 5 billion documents, 400 million images & 3 million instant answers.

The beta of Windows Live Search was launched in March 2006, and it replaced MSN Search on September 12, 2006.

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