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 Ask Search Engine 

 Ask Search Form...

A Web 2.0 version, very nice, is at

 Ask for Kids

How to Submit 

Make sure other sites that are indexed by link to your site. Once that has been achieved, Ask's spiders will find your site.

 It All Began... 

The brainchild of Garrett Gruener and David Warthen, Ask Jeeves began in a scroungy apartment in Berkeley, California, financed by a credit card.

In April 1997 they launched the first of their advertiser-supported public sites, It is now becoming a big player. AltaVista has  added Ask Jeeves to its arsenal, and I predict that soon it will be licensed out to all the major engines, just as the Systran translation service will. 

Dec 1999: Forms an alliance with - a search box placed on About pages, and lots of Ask Jeeves questions directed back to About. The About guides are really good, so this announcement is good for users.

Jan 2000: Ask Jeeves buys Direct Hit for $509 million

in 2001, Ask purchased Teoma, a start-up from Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ,. Teoma utilises the clustering concept of subject-specific popularity - they call it ExpertRank. Teoma means "expert" in Gaelic. Teoma is now the engine that powers

Popularity: 5th most popular search site. 16% of USA searchers used it during Jan 2002. It is the 2nd most popular search site, and 8th most popular website in the UK (5 million visitors per month). It is now #4 in the USA, and despite massive advertising campaigns it is only increasing in popularity very slowly...

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