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 In The Media 

A Question of Answers
The Age, April 2 2003

Melbourne-based online researcher Robert Skelton is part of a global community that can respond to your most obscure queries.

Every day at 5.30am Robert Skelton sits at his computer in his bedroom in inner-city Kensington and checks if somebody has a question for him to answer. Such as: What came first, the chicken or the egg? Or: Did Jesus drink alcohol? Or: What is the secret of women?*

Skelton, 37, knows it all, or as much as can be known. He is one of a handful of Australians who work for Google Answers, an Internet research service that promises to answer pretty much anything for a fee. More...

Free for all on the web
The Age, May 12 2005

It's a sentiment repeated by marketing professional Rob Skelton, who founded the Melbourne community in November 2003. It was Australia's first Freecycle group, and has since been followed by 38 more, most recently in Shepparton in March.

"Each time I see an offer of a large item like a sofa I feel good," Mr Skelton says. "(But) it is just the tip of the iceberg in Australia. In the US, some cities have 9000 members, and in Austin, Texas, members account for 1.5 per cent of the population. If we managed 1.5 per cent, that would be something like 40,000 or 50,000 members. Right now we have 1100 members.

"Mostly we have offers of furniture, appliances, computer products, garden items and baby things. But we have also had a worm factory, an Elizabethan dog collar, carp fertiliser, yoga bricks, bus seats, lapidary equipment, spinnakers and an eight-tonne truck. We discourage requests for items that you could not reasonably expect to be lying unused in a member's home." More...

A nice collection of search engines complete with forms integrated into the site is available at SearchEngines ( ). The front page provides a drop-down menu of several different search categories at the top of the page, including search engines, news, and reference.

Choose a category and you'll get taken to a page of search forms, annotation, and search hints. There's also a "more resources" list at the bottom of the page in addition to the resources with annotation/forms.

Further down on the page you'll find links to pages of more specialty content forms, including currency converters, health, images, and, um, video game cheats. Along the left side of the page you'll find listings of new and updated resources. Some of these were to be expected (Amazon) and some not (Walhello.)

Research Buzz, Dec 2002

Beyond Google: Search Compilations
MicroDoc News, April 1 2003

Search engines are cool. This site is cooler. The premise is this: No matter how effective or thorough Yahoo! or AltaVista may be in helping you find information on the Web, these sites are still loaded with lots of unnecessary graphics and ads. This site offers a way to search without all the bells and whistles. ( WebWatch)

Finding a Dated Cache, TVC Alert, 20 March 2003


Within this site you will find the latest (and archived) news, links and free GoogleFan email addresses to let the world know how much you love Google!

[SearchEngineGuide] Newsletter 2003-02-17

The best all-purpose, one-stop people search page I've ever found and used is this:

Gives an exhaustive sellection of free search resources, plus a option to use more powerful pay services when the free ones hit a wall. It seems that this guy went to a LOT of trouble. God bless him.

Straight Dope MessageBoard Wasn't working last time I checked


 From Visitors 

These are direct quotes from folk who emailed their thanks for my quick help, I've given up listing them here - no time!


  • Thanks again for your quick response and your honesty! I will recommend you to anyone and everyone that would have reason to use your services! (gave help tacking down her dead-beat husband)
  • Thank very much for all of your help: it is amazing what information can be harvested from the Internet. (tracing someone just from a first name and city)

2002 and earlier...

  • Not a query. Just wanted to say that I love the site, you have never failed to come through
  • robert, Thanks LOADS! I know people find almost anything they need on the net, but I never seem to have much luck. I guess it's all in knowing the little details, and in finding someone as accommodating as you. THANK YOU SO MUCH. ( a question about USA poet laureates)
  • You are being so helpful i'm glad I contacted you! (was trying to find someone from a holiday romance)
  • Thanks for your kind help :-) (advice on how to submit to AltaVista from China - their government blocks access)
  • Thanks so much for helping me (after a valuation on a first edition copy of Gone with the Wind)
  • thank you, thank you, thank you!!! (wanted info on Atlanta history - for a school essay due the next morning)
  • Thanks for your help....I love your site....FOR SURE I will use it again.........and again........and again...... (looking for an obscure author)
  • I wanted to truly thank you for your prompt reply to my inquiry. The fact that [you] went to the trouble to explain this so completely was so thoughtful I do not know what to say. It is so nice to find informed, considerate people who are willing to share their knowledge. I am very grateful (another book collecting query)
  • I've recommended [ SearchEngineZ ] on several writing lists that I'm on - one of which has over 1000 children's writers on it. Feedback from a few people who have tried it out has been GREAT. (One gal has even turned it into her home page.) (prominent children's author)
  • Your web-site is extremely informative, and useful. You rock! (a San Diego business advisor)
  • You are incredibly kind to share your wisdom. I can almost see your golden halo from here! Many thanks. (Sue, NY)
  • You have been professional and most kind to me. I appreciate it. (Sherri, San Francisco)
  • thanks and appreciated... yes she's the one.... and by the way I love ur web site a lot.... it is useful and interesting...thanks again... (found an old friend in Jordan)
  • For the nearly 2 years, I have used your website exclusively to conduct legal reseach of environmental laws and issues of US, European and Asian-Pacific countries and found the resources and search engines offered at this site simply the best available for anyone wishing to do serious research. Kudos and keep up the good work. (employee of a large US law firm)
  • Just wanted to say that I love the site, you have never failed to come through. (Greg, Idaho)
  • You are the bomb! (hip-hop artist Surabian)
  • Wow. Great info and honest too. You deserve to make money for the service you provide. (search engine submission advice)
  • Thanks VERY much for you effort! I appreciate it more than you know! It renews my faith in people after what has happened.
  • I just wanted to let you know that Saturday morning...I got a phone call from my father. He wants to come see me for Christmas. Thank you so much. You helped me in so many ways. I don't even know what to say. Thank you so so much. Forever grateful. (helped someone find her father)
  • Thanks for an excellent site. I use it daily to look up information on our industry. Keep up the great work. (air medicine transportation industry)
  • That sounds really right. Even if it isn't him or things don't work out, I want to thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart. You don't know how this makes me feel and I can't begin to explain it (another father found)
  • Thanks alot for the info, this has saved lots of overseas calls to my broker.
  • if you really did New Zealand and you\'re a legit free lance Answer guy and in turn answer my QUESTION! Than i praise you as one Tremendous Cool-Ass Person that Rocks....and i truelly did not think that real People existed or atleast especially in the Web Ocean!!(from Fresno CA)


These are from some time ago. They were nice to me, so I still link back to them...

Winner of Bob's Steel Website Award !!


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