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 Health & Medical Search 

 Symptom Checker 

Mayo Clinic Symptom Checker - a very basic breakdown of what could be causing various common symptoms. Definitely NOT an alternative to seeing a doctor, and NOT recommended for hypochondriacs.

 Drugs A-Z  

Most of the results come from USP DI Drug References, the most accurate, in-depth drug reference available. Site provided by IntelliHealth


  • Pill Identifier - for investigating pills that have left their original container. The rest of is full of great info.
  • Drug Digest - similar to Drugs A to Z
  • Current Drugs - serious resource for the latest info on new drugs
  • Consumer Reports - Guide on Drugs -which generics are worth getting?
  • RXList - search by name, keyword, letters written on the pill. The Patient Information and Adverse Reactions sections for each drug make interesting reading. A list of herbal remedies is available

 Health on the Net 

A meta-search of medical & health sites that adhere to the HONcode - very useful for non-professionals

 Buy Drugs 

Most "online pharmacies" have a very small range of products . is the real deal. Also check out Canada Drugs

Enter product name:


The site the medical professionals use - lots of ailments pictured as well.

Medline is the world's largest database of peer-reviewed health articles. Search for free. Full-text articles available for purchase. Also try MedHunt


Now available online, the Merck Manual is the most widely used medical text in the world. Written by over 300 experts, it covers all but the most obscure disorders. While The Merck Manual provides medical information to health care professionals, The Home Edition was written for patients, their families, and all non-health care professionals interested in learning more about illnesses, their diagnosis, and their treatment - written in plain English


 More Resources 

Locate a Health Professional:

  • Health Pages - Search by name or specialty. Includes health care plans & patient feedback
  • AMA Physician Select - published by the American Medical Association. Information on virtually every licensed physician in the United States including more than 690,000 doctors. Search by Physician Name or Medical Specialty and find out where your doctor did his/her training, and much, much more...
  • AIM DocFinder - combined database that directly sources data from state government licensing boards. DocFinder contains the licensing background and disciplinary information of physicians and other health care practitioners. NOTE: Click on the state name, not the link to the state's Medical Board
  • Health Grades - sometimes contains address info that the others do not list
  • Ophthalmologists / Eye Doctors
  • Nursing World - nursing associations
  • Nursing Boards
  • Doc Info - get disciplinary information on doctors for $9.95, from the Federation of State Medical Boards - ChoiceTrust does this as well
  • Federation of State Medical Boards - website & contact details for each state
  • Questionable Doctors - free list of disciplined doctors for 17 states. Details for every state available for a fee
  • Quack Watch - 1400 pages dedicated to ending health fraud and quackery

Contact Lenses:

  • 1-800 CONTACTS - a company that has delivered over 8 million orders to over 2.5 million customers.
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