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 Search 20 engines at once! 

In my opinion as a Professional Searcher, these are the 20 best general search engines, meta-search engines and directories on the Internet


New! Seekz - clean, fast, accurate and ad-free!
Big Engines Google - 4.2 billion pages indexed, the best search engine, but only just
  Yahoo - Powerful new version of Inktomi's search engine - with Yahoo directory
  Walhello - 680 million pages indexed and growing fast
  AltaVista - Yahoo results, with related searches
WiseNut - 1.5 billion pages (they say) sorted into folders
  Teoma - Google challenger, very intelligent folder sorting
  AlltheWeb - Yahoo results, with related searches
Directories LookSmart - the biggest directory (but only just)
  Yahoo - World's No.1 web site
  Open Directory - over 3 million entries - edited by volunteers, not $$
Meta-Search Search66 - AltaVista, AOL/Netscape, DMOZ, Espotting, FAST, HotBot & Yahoo!
  Vivisimo - MSN, Netscape, Lycos, Looksmart & BBC, sorted into folders. Javascript.
  Ixquick - combines results from 10 engines + highlights keywords in pages
  Zap Meta - AltaVista, Yahoo, AllTheWeb, WiseNut, MSN, HotBot, Gigablast, DMOZ, AOL
  RealTerm - Google, Yahoo, MSN, FAST & Altavista - sorts into folders
  Killer Info - Every top engine, plus expandable folders and Sneak Peek
  Queryserver - sorts results into categories + is very, very fast
  Zworks - Open Directory, Yahoo, Alltheweb + 7 others
  Surfwax - 11 engines, extra site info. Needs JavaScript
  • Google Toolbar stops this meta-search from working if you have the pop-up blocker activated. To get around this, click on the pop-up blocker in the toolbar, and that will "whitelist" SearchEngineZ. Don't worry, I don't have pop-up ads anywhere.

 More Resources 

  • Hotbot - It's good again! Allows you to quickly switch between the search results of AlltheWeb, Google, Inktomi and Teoma
  • Advanced ZapMeta - search by region, domain or website
  • Ithaki - good for regional searching

Worth keeping an eye on...

  • Cute Doggy - Google, WiseNut, MSN, Open Directory, Yahoo Directory and FindWhat
  • Fazzle - Lycos, Teoma, WiseNut, Yahoo, MSN, Netscape
  • ilectric - results have links to archived, translated and proxified versions of each site. Plus a few images.
  • iBoogie - MSN, Wisenut and Teoma. Clean, with expandable folders

Google vs AlltheWeb

  • SUMOsearch - 10 Google results followed by 10 AlltheWeb results - quick double search
  • Google-Watch Proxy - see how many unduplicated results from the top 100 of AlltheWeb and Google

Google vs Yahoo Search - way cool tool that gives a visual representation of how closely the results of each match - or not!



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