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 Quick Walhello 

Walhello  Site info at Alexa

 What's so good about Walhello?  

  • It doesn't look like much
  • It has few options
  • The results aren't very attractive
  • But the results are highly relevant!
  • And you can tell if the page is plain-text, has background music etc

 Advanced Walhello 

They don't have one yet, but be assured I'll have it here as soon as they do...

 How Walhello works 

Default search:


Search options:

You may use - to exclude keywords. Quotes make no difference - so no phrase searching.


Quite basic. If a page has pictures, audio or video, then this is indicated below each result. It might sound daft to tell you if a page has pictures, but what is more useful is knowing when a page doesn't have pictures - i.e it must be plain text. And it's nice to be warned about crappy background muzak.

If the page is listed in the Open Directory, you will see a link to the appropriate category.

Cache: Very basic, a maximum of 150 words from when the site was indexed. It is fair to presume that this search engine only takes the first 150 words into consideration.

 Useful links  

Walhello International| | Walhello USA| | Walhello Deutschland| | Walhello Nederland| | Walhello Suomi| | Walhello UK| | Walhello France| | Walhello España| | Walhello Norge| | Walhello Íslandi| | Walhello Russia| | Walhello Sverige

 How to submit your URL 

Use the form on my Submit URL page

 Facts & Figures 

The name Walhello, is Dutch for Wharf Hello - but it also translates as Ring Hello, which is my guess. This engine appears to favour web pages that act as information hubs. started developing the Walhello search engine in March 2000. It is based in the Netherlands. The Walhello spider (appie) follows links to web pages on the Internet and stores every new page found in the Walhello database.

Size: 261 million pages indexed and growing
Searches per day: ??

Popularity: ?? - it is very new

Low number of links on their Home Page: 70


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