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Yahoo  Site info at Alexa

New Search Interface!

 What's so good/bad about Yahoo?  

  • Some categories are top class resources, however:
  • No longer the biggest (Open Directory & Looksmart have surpassed it)
  • Is not fresh - can take months for a new site to be listed
  • Lacks stars or ratings - ranks alphabetically
  • Businesses pay $US299 annually to be listed

 Yahoo Directory 

 How Yahoo works 

Default search:

All keywords as if connected by AND. If all the words occur as a phrase, that page will rank higher.

Search options:

Accepts + or - and phrases within quotes, as well as t: for title and u: for url, as in


Yahoo show us their categories, then reviewed pages, then results from Google (which perversely gives Open Directory listed sites a high ranking).

 How to submit your URL 

Information can be found on my submission pages.

 Useful Links 

Yahoo Buzz: Check out the fastest moving, and most popular topics at Yahoo today

International Yahoos:

Europe : Denmark - France - Germany - Italy - Norway - Spain - Sweden - UK & Ireland
Asia Pacific : Asia - Australia & NZ - China - HK - India - Japan - Korea - Singapore - Taiwan
Americas : Argentina - Brazil - Canada - Chinese - Mexico - Spanish
U.S. Cities
: Atlanta - Boston - Chicago - Dallas/FW - LA - NYC - SF Bay - Wash. DC - more...

 Facts & Figures 

The two developers of Yahoo, David Filo and Jerry Yang, Ph.D. (Stanford University), started their guide in April 1994 as a way to keep track of their personal interests on the Internet. Before long they found that their home-brewed lists were becoming too long and unwieldy. Gradually they began to spend more and more time working on Yahoo (and now they are rich). During 1994 they converted Yahoo into a customized database to serve the thousands of users that began to use the service through the closely bound Internet community. In November 1994 there were 170,000 visitors each day. In 1998 they were getting 26 million visitors per month. Yahoo net revenue in 1998 was $203 million and in September 1999 they were averaging 385 million page views per a May 1995 interview with the founders.

Size: 1.7 million
Searches per day: ????

Popularity: The second most popular search site (just behind MSN), with 33% of searchers using it at least once during Jan 2002.

Record number of links on their Home Page: 258

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