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No more email spam! Get a 50 MB mailbox. Great for protecting your kids. Keep your current email address. FREE Trial. .


 Don't Want Hotmail or Yahoo? 

There are lots of other great free email addresses to choose from:

  • GMail - Google's revolutionary label system says goodbye to folders forever (plus unlimited storage...)
  • Lycos - it has been around forever, so people will know how to spell it. They provide a huge 3 Gigs of storage, spam protection & unlimited size attachments.
  • - The biggest provider of vanity domains , has hundreds of .com addresses for covering cities, hobbies, occupations, religions and more!
  • SpaceMail - the name says it all - if you are into anything in the solar system, galaxy or universe, use this niche address to let others know.
  • Mail - 125 MB storage space, 1-click access to Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL and other webmail services.

Want more choices? There's a great ebook called "" - only costs $1


ReadNotify lets you know when someone has read your email - so they can't lie and say they never received it!


Encrypted email - totally safe from prying eyes.

Free Secure Email, Document Storage, Instant Messaging, and Communication services to Individuals, Small Businesses, and Enterprises around the world.

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Don't waste your time watching and downloading advertisements on 'free' email services. Runbox is a superior email service and will save you hours per year. Your saved time alone is worth the USD 29.95 yearly fee for Runbox.

No ads
Access from any device
Attachments up to 100MB
Access your email on any device via Web, POP, IMAP, SMTP, WAP, SMS, and more
Use with MS Outlook, Netscape, Eudora, etc.
1GB storage
One month free trial


File too big to attach? - visit

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