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Metacrawler and Dogpile provide Wordtracker with data that gives their database 350 million keywords per month. These "Meta" search engines do not carry their own searchable index. Therefore their keyword detail is not distorted from SEO position checking nearly exclusively done with software on major portals. Visit WordTracker for your FREE top 500 keyword report

Keyword Popularity

Overture (formerly Goto)
See how many times a keyword was searched for last month

Have a similar tool to Overture, but you need to have an account and sign in to use it.

See how many times a keyword was searched for last month, and the top bid. Use the tool

Busca Mundo (7Search's Spanish cousin)
See how many times a keyword was searched for last month, and the top bid. Site is in Spanish

Google - Keyword Suggestion Tool
Enter one keyword or phrase per line for keyword suggestions. Doesn't return much for unusual keywords.

AdWords advertisers can also see estimates of how many times a keyword will be searched for in the next day, week and month. You need to join the AdWords program.

British pay-per-click search engine. See how many times a keyword was searched in the last 30 days, and the top bid.
Go there

Compare keyword bids at Bay9, FindWhat, Ah-ha, Brainfox, GoClick, ePilot, Kanoodle, PageSeeker & Espotting . Go there


Get your free Top 500 keyword report

Top Keywords

Offer a free top 500 keyword report. You can also trial their software online, which uses a huge database to find niche keywords for your website.

The Lycos 50
A weekly listing of the most popular search trends. It leaves out the constants like MP3 and chat, and shows what is currently hot with searchers. Typically news items and cultural fads. Well worth a look. There's also a Dutch version

eBay Top 1000
Regularly updated and a little different than other such lists, because of the number of collectibles being searched for.
Shows the top 100 most popular search terms, updated each month. The layout could be friendlier, but they sample over 1 million searches from an un-named major search engine. Wasn't working last time I checked

SE Report
Top 100 keywords, as sampled from various keyword spy pages, like those listed at the top of this page. Also top MP3 keywords, and a Hot Keyword Report.

Keyword City
Over 12,000 keywords and keyword combinations to help internet surfers find your website. Searchable alphabetically or by category. A lot of hard work has gone into this resource!

Google Zeitgeist
On a monthly, weekly, and sometimes daily basis, this Google Zeitgeist page will be updated to reflect lists, graphs, and other tidbits of information related to Google user search behavior.

Yahoo Buzz
Yahoo uses a Buzz Score - basically just an indexed rating, to show the Movers (subjects that have increased their buzz score over the previous day's score by the greatest %) and Leaders (subjects with the greatest buzz score for a given day). Compiled from searches which happened two days prior.

Ask Jeeves
Top searches for the week. Top searches for 2002

Fireball (Germany)
Uses AltaVista. See their Top 100 search terms of all time

MetaEureka Top 99

MSN Search Insider
Various stats from the new search engine on the block



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