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 Site Match - Yahoo Search (Inktomi), AltaVista, AlltheWeb 

Site Match - Now Available!


First URL: $49
Next 2-10 URLs from the same domain: $29 each
11th URL and beyond: $10 each
(one year, non-refundable)

Plus: 15-30 cents per clickthrough, depending on category


  • Get into the main Inktomi index that is used by all of Inktomi's partners, including HotBot, iWon, AOL, MSN, ICQ, Overture, iWon, eSpotting, About and & the new Yahoo Search Engine
  • Get into AltaVista
  • Get into AlltheWeb/Lycos - partners include Looksmart, Lycos, PepeSearch, Scandinavia Online, Sinohome, Tiscali, T-Motion, T-Online
  • Accepted into the indexes within 48 hours
  • Respidered every 48 hours, which means you can make optimization changes and see the results of those changes within a day or two
  • Indexes dynamic URL's and cloaked pages
  • A possible gain in ranking over the free submissions (definitely not proven...)
  • Click-thru reporting. Showing how many visitors have hit your Web Page


  • Expensive if you have a large site. Consider carefully which pages you need to submit.
  • 15-30 cents per clickthrough is ridiculous, and something to avoid if your site is not commercial

Tricks of the Trade:

  • Consider only submitting your home page. Then tweak it until you get lots of hits - they are going to re-index it every 48 hours.
  • If your page is listed at Looksmart, and you use the Inktomi Search/Submit Service, instead of having the META title and description come direct from your Web page, they use the title and description that Looksmart has recorded for that page.
  • To see if your site is already indexed, visit Hotbot and enter "originurl:"


Use the paid Site Match to get your site listed within 48 hours, and updated every second day.

 Yahoo Directory 

  • Buy a domain that's already listed - lots of domains expire, and are available to buy, that are already listed in Yahoo. Check out the Expire Tool
  • Whois Pilot - Get your site listed on Yahoo in 5 minutes for as low as $14.50 instead of regular $299.00!

Normal $299 Yahoo Paid Submission

Cost: $299 per year (non-refundable)

IMPORTANT: If you are submitting to anywhere within the Business category, it is compulsory to use their $299 Business Express program, unless you take a chance with Yahoo backdoor


  • Yahoo! is the #2 most popular search engine/directory, after MSN.
  • A listing can dramatically increase your Google PageRank (SearchEngineZ doubled its traffic from Google after acquiring a Yahoo listing)


  • $US299 per year is a lot of money. If doubling your number of visitors can't provide more than $299 extra profit per year, perhaps you should give it a miss

Tricks of the Trade:

  • Select the right category. If you pick the wrong category you won't get listed at all. If you pick the almost right category you may get listed--but later on you'll wish you were listed somewhere else. Yahoo! is very resistant to making changes once your site is in their directory. Dig into the categories and find where your competitors are listed. Once you see which of the subcategories all your competitors are grouped into, you know you've found the right category. Or do an appropriate keyword search, and see which categories come up. Then look for your competitors.
  • Don't stress about alphabetical order, or number of listings in categories. Very little traffic comes from searchers drilling down through categories - most will come from Google & Yahoo/Google keyword searches.
  • Make your description bland. Just make sure you get a few keywords in there that you want.
  • Humans accept or reject your description. Depending on each individual, a good guess says Yahoo editors are overworked. They probably glance at your home page, and compare it with your description - if it seems kosher, they'll accept it without any changes. I doubt they'd spend more that a minute on it.
  • Request a change to your listing
  • FAQ

Adult sites:

If you are trying to register an "adult" website, Yahoo! charges $600 for the business express service, not $299.

 Things to Consider 

In early 2004 an average website receives visitors via these search engines:

Google = 35%
Yahoo = 28%
AOL (powered by Google) = 16%
MSN = 15%
ALL Others = 6%

You cannot pay to get into Google. But if you have a new website and don't want to wait a few months, getting into Yahoo, AlltheWeb, AltaVista and (probably) MSN will cost you some money. No way around it.



Engine Ready sell lots of great software like:

  • Top Dog Pro
  • WebPosition Gold
  • Domain Name Analyzer

Visit Robert Woodhead's Multi-Submitter site. It is so good you'll want to give him a donation (but if you don't, he's cool about it). Even if you intend to submit manually - read his advice!


LookSmart Paid Submission - (also available via third-party Trellian - same fees)

Cost: LookListing Submission service is now $29 (was $49), and it guarantees a site review within 5 working days. You will then be charged $0.15 per click-through to your web site. You can set a monthly limit on per-click fees, although the minimum monthly charge is $15. New customers must make an initial account deposit of at least $45

Regional LookSmarts still have the old system in place, but you will only be listed in directories that are specific to that region

i.e LookSmart UK submissions are listed at the UK sites of MSN, AltaVista, Excite@Home, NTL, Genie, Tiscali, BTOpenworld and many more. The one-time fee is 149.00 + VAT


  • LookSmart provides directory results to big players like AltaVista, Excite, MSN, iWon, and more. According to LookSmart, they, and their partners combined, reach over 77% of the Internet users compared to 60% with Overture, and 55% with Yahoo.
  • A listing should increase your Google PageRank (SearchEngineZ hasn't tried it yet)


  • If you want to be listed in LookSmart, you have to pay. There is no free option
  • It is a lot of money, and they do not guarantee to list your site, just to make a yes/no decision

Can I get listed for free?

Non-commercial sites can be submitted at no charge through Sites listed in Zeal will be distributed across the LookSmart Network.

Tricks of the Trade:

Selection criteria: (full FAQ here)

NO Pornography or adults-only sites, sites with pornographic or adult advertising, gratuitous or graphic violence, or that promote/disseminate illegal activities

DON'T LIKE Sites with too few pages, without recognizable or quality content, or excessively slow to load


  • Sites that are rich in original and useful content
  • Sites that are relevant to the work, leisure or home lives of busy people
  • High quality
  • Reliable and up-to-date
  • Accurate
  • Easy to use
  • Fast
  • Interactive
  • Unique in content
  • Interesting
  • Visually appealing
  • Useful to consumers

 Excite Paid Inclusion - Submit the Web addresses you want to promote, and they will add your web addresses to their index within 72 hours. Then it will appear in the results of Excite. Pay an extra half of the fee to also appear in Dogpile, MetaCrawler, WebCrawler and NBCi.

1 Web Address $49.95
Up to 10 Addresses $99.95
Up to 50 Addresses $199.95
Up to 100 Addresses $249.95
Up to 500 Addresses $399.95

 Some Tricks and Ideas 

  • Think twice! Keep in mind that Google are free, and they can provide you with more visitors than all the other search sites on the intenet combined!
  • Paid submission that includes frequent re-indexing is ideal if you want to experiment with keywords and search engine optimization


Adwords Select - click here

New scheme that ups the ante - expect it to become the major pay-per-click service, and expect others to copy it.

Your clickthrough rate and Cost Per Click (CPC) together determine where your ads are shown, so better ads rise to the top. That means no one can lock you out of the top position. This is a combination of popularity of your ad, and how much you are willing to pay per click-through. If no-one clicks on an ad, it is removed. Sounds good in theory, but people out there will click on anything.

Cost: Minimum per-click-through cost of 5 cents


See Site Match above.


 WebWombat - Australia & NZ 

100 million local URLs indexed and quite popular. Get your site spidered every 48 hours for:

  • AUD$40 (inc. gst) annual fee for 1 page
  • AUD$65 (inc. gst) annual fee for up to 150 pages

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