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 The Big Guns 

I have used all of these except for Looksmart, with no negative experiences.

They were the first, and are still one of the biggest. They have a big network, and it just got bigger with their purchases of AltaVista and FAST/AlltheWeb. Best suited to niche keywords.

Overture search listings reach 80% of active U.S. Internet users, and you only pay when they click on your text ad, which means they are proven to be interested.

Google Adwords
My current first choice. Especially good if you wish to target specific countries. Use this tool to see what ads Google would serve to a webpage you designate

I've not used them. Well-suited to advertising aimed at popular portal users. There's also Looksmart Australia

Very professional company, much lower top bids than Overture. My favorite before Google introduced their Adwords.

Your ad will appear in:

Dogpile* Search results 31-35 on page 1* Search results 21-25 on page 1
Infospace* Search results 21-25 on page 1
NBCI* Search results 21-25 on page 1
SearchGalore After searchgalore paid results
CNET 6 thu 8th spots from "The Web" search and first 5 results on "see more Search Partners results"
Mamma Random listings in search results
Metacrawler Random listings in search results 6 thu 8th spots from "Search Partners" search and first 5 results on "see more Search Partners results" Listings 17-20 in regular search results (36-40 when I looked, check the target URLs)
Webcrawler Listings 17-20 in regular search results

Go Toast
The Ultimate Pay-Per-Click Search Engine Bid Management Tool

Not as big as those above, but still very worthy. Be exposed to 600 million searches per month via sites such as CNET, Galaxy and Hotbar. From mid-June 2003, the list will also include InfoSpace, WebCrawler, Dogpile, and MetaCrawler. You can chat with customer service reps in real time about your account. They have good deals if you want to just want a trial.

The PPC superstar of Europe. Have just increased minimum bids to 10p. Listings appear in Yahoo! UK & Ireland, Lycos, Ask Jeeves, AlltheWeb, infospace, Netscape, and UK Plus

$0.01 minimum

Enhance (formerly ah-ha)
$0.01 minimum. Listings appear on EarthLink, LookSmart, DogPile, and many other large portals. Advertisers can include their logos in listings, which will appear on some of ah-ha's partner sites.

 The Others 

Don't bother. More often than not you give them $25 and your balance stays at $25, because their traffic is too tiny. You'll end up placing $3 bids for "sex" just to use up your funds.

ePilot - lots of negative reviews. See them at Alexa and WebMasterWorld

Brainfox - I tried them, and their traffic is virtually non-existent. Out of frustration I resorted to bidding several dollars on massively popular generic keywords just to use up my $25


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