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 Site Design 

Number of pages: 5


Very simple (which is always good), and works well.

Ideas for the Home Page

The very top and left menu are excellent, and the image of cranes is a good visual clue to what your company does. Ditch the other image - it doesn't need to be on the home page.

If your site was larger, I would suggest creating additional pages for About Us and Contact Us. At present having this info on the home page is good. But it needs to be re-done.

Shift this well-written text from page4.html to your home page, and let it be the first thing the customer reads:

"Bonadiman Consultants, Inc. is a full turn-key design/build firm specializing in modular, expandable sewer treatment facilities and stormwater prevention systems. Our clients are developers, county parks and recreation, special county districts, hospitals, hotels, and rual communities. We provide all aspects of the wastewater plant development and waste discharge permitting process with enphasis on tertiary treatment for water re-use."

Write a very brief paragraph describing your different services, and have a link from each paragragh to the appropriate section of your site.

Place contact details at the bottom of the page. As you only appear to have one office, get rid of the link to the second web site, which is labeled "California Office" - it's confusing, and every extra click doubles the chance that you will lose the visitor.

Specify what type of information the visitor can receive by phoning or emailing. Perhaps one email address for general information, and another for quotes.

Text Style

At the top of each page, Bonadiman Consultants, Inc. Design-Build-Operate would look better if the last three words had a smaller font size and appeared on the next line.

page2.html - Don't use lists of points on their own. At the very least, start the page by saying like "These are some of the successfully completed major projects we have managed". Otherwise I cannot tell what your involvement was. Ideally write a paragraph about each project.

The text:

Wastewater plant engineering and construction from 3000 gallons per day to several million gallons. Full tertiary plants for water re-use or secondary treatment.

... is just statements. You need some pro-active phrases in there like "we can supply", "we are able to provide".

page3.html - In what way is your company allied with Ecofluid? Their webiste doesn't seem to mention Bonadiman. You need to say something like "Bonadiman Consultants, Inc. highly recommend the services of Ecofluid. We have worked with them on [detail projects] and we can intergrate their services into our solutions. More details are available at Ecofluid's web site."

page4.html - Suffers from the same point list problem as page2.html. The bottom text belongs on your home page, or an "About Us" page.

page5.html - Again, it needs more text, more information. The top image would be much better without the text within it, especially because it is too small to read.

Page Display Problems is too wide, and requires the visitor to browse sideways

The image on page5.html is not loading.


Everything works. Pages loaded quickly.

Sales Process

Your site is almost totally devoid of words which inspire me to use your service. It lacks enthusiasm about your product. If a visit to your web site is intended to gain you more sales, look into hiring a copywriter to improve the writing.


If you enlarge the site and include a Contact Us page, give people the option of requesting info via a form. This gets the best response.


 Search Engine Optimization 


The generation of the pages seems to be via Get your own web host as soon as possible. is a sub-domain of a sub-domain of a sub-domain of a sub-domain and is unlikely to get a good ranking a Google because of this.

Page Filenames

Rather than having generic file names, like page2.html, use keywords to name the files, like engineering.html


More text is required - the more the better, as long as it is intended for visitors to read, and doesn't repeat itself too much.

Page Titles

Have a different title for each page. One or two words describing the page content, followed by the smallest version of your company name you are comfortable with. Keywords rank higher the earlier they appear in the title.

Best for when someone searches for Sewer Plants:

Sewer Plants by Bonadiman Consulting
Sewer Plants - Bonadiman Consulting

Best for when someone bookmarks a site and wants to find Bonadiman in their bookmarks, or for when someone searches the web for Bonadiman would be:

Bonadiman Consulting - Sewer Plants
Bonadiman - Sewer Plants

There's no right or wrong way, but Google places a lot of importance on titles.


The length of my critique is totally relative to the number of things I find wrong!
I Provide:
  • Feedback from a typical visitor's point of view, not that of an expert in the field of your business
  • Feedback from a Search Engine Optimizer's point of view
I Don't Provide:
  • Fixes to HTML or other coding
  • Rewriting bodies of text
My Perspective:

Computer: 2400mhz PC
Operating System: Windows XP
Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0, with all cookies accepted automatically
Screen resolution: 1024 x 768
Internet Connection: Cable
Location: Australia

If you wish, I can use a different browser or screen resolution. I won't, however, test your site on multiple configurations.


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