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Critique of

Search Engine Optimization

Obviously a lot of work has been put into this and it is working very well. Your site has lots of text content, which is rare for commercial businesses, but a smart way to appear in more search engine results. I wouldn't change a thing.

Look and Feel

Excellent. Great use of different colored boxes and simple icons, means that I am choosing to look around the page and see all the services you offer. The tone is just right - professional yet friendly. In that vein, you could consider featuring a face or name, to make it even friendlier (however that would mean creating an 'about me' page, and the customer would be seeking a very honest and believable background story, focusing on helping folk).

Success Stories

Some of your opposition have them. If you have testimonials from happy clients, put them there for potential customers. This is an easy way to increase sales.

Using copyrighted material

I found some instances of your site using articles which were written by others, without any acknowledgment of such. Not only is this a breach of copyright, it can sometimes affect your search engine ranking (if the same copy appears in too many other places). (very dated, useless info)

Tracing emails

"We will help you find the source of emails or Instant Messages. By tracing backward using email trace and Instant Message tracking techniques, we’ll find out where the messages came from. In most cases, simply uncloaking the individual is enough to bring your problems to swift and successful resolutions."

I am unsure exactly what information your service will provide. It could just be a physical location based on a reverse IP lookup. It implies you can provide the name and details of the sender, for any email, even if they used web-based services like Hotmail.

In this instance, and in general, a sample report would enable me to make an informed decision on whether to pay for your service or not.

How recent is the info?

As someone who uses similar services to Abika, I am very aware of how important it is that details are as current as possible. Often, when searching for someone, their contact details from a year ago are already known, and the customer requires current data.

I could find no mention or guarantee of how current the data is, although your 30-day guarantee does imply a refund for out-dated info. To be fair, I'm only aware of one business in this field which does specify the age of the data. But I can imagine a scenario where someone is searching for their dead-beat husband, pay the fee, and receive their own address, which is where he lived a year or two ago.

Price List

I couldn't find one. Many potential clients will be put off by having to fill out details before seeing the fee. I understand that there are positive psychological aspects to this, but they might be outweighed by the negatives. I recommend that, for just one of the services you provide, experiment by having the price listed on the initial page of details. Try it for a few months an see if you convert more sales or less.

Or try including a link to a price list in your help section. I am disinclined to do business with anyone who is not upfront with their prices.

Banner Ads

I saw one on this page:

Third-party advertisements on sites like yours create an unprofessional impression.



The length of my critique is totally relative to the number of things I find wrong!
I Provide:
  • Feedback from a typical visitor's point of view, not that of an expert in the field of your business
  • Feedback from a Search Engine Optimizer's point of view
I Don't Provide:
  • Fixes to HTML or other coding
  • Rewriting bodies of text
My Perspective:

Computer: 2400mhz PC
Operating System: Windows XP
Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0, with all cookies accepted automatically
Screen resolution: 1024 x 768
Internet Connection: Cable
Location: Australia

If you wish, I can use a different browser or screen resolution. I won't, however, test your site on multiple configurations.


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