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 Site Design 

Critique of


Can't fault it - clean and professional.


All works fine.

Would I buy?

I hit a snag. I could not work out exactly what your services offer.

Presence Online and Spot Keeper

Neither page describes the number of pages that will be analyzed. Such details should be included in these pages, not just on the Comparison page.

The red line stating "GUARANTEED Registration " and the repetition of prices and ordering links makes me think there are two options on each page. It would be much clearer if the point lists were unbroken and there was only only price and link.

Presence Online says the following:

  • Do it yourself registration for one time fee.
  • Registering of proprietary keywords.
  • Submission of site in up to 1200 quality search engines (including AOL, Yahoo!, Hotbot, MSN, Google, InfoSeek, Lycos, Ask Jeeves, AltaVista, All The Web, Netscape and more....)
  • Submission Verification Reports

- I'm confused by "do it yourself" - if I do it myself, what am I paying you for?
- How will I actually do it myself - how hard will it be?
- And what is "Registering of proprietary keywords"?
...these things need to explained in more detail.

"Submission of site in up to 1200 quality search engines".

If you are able to submit to this many engines, it shouldn't be difficult to list them all on your site. I would have more confidence in your product if I saw such a list. Especially if you could qualify the word "quality".

Price error

The Spot Keeper page has a price of $29.95 at the top, whereas below it is $24.95

Typos / Bad grammar

On this page:

"GUARANTEED 1st page PLACEMENT in major search engines (AOL, Lycos, MSN, Ask, Netscape, AltaVista, Google, yahoo and HotBot)"

Yahoo is in lowercase.

"This report is extremely helpful to recognize web surfing habits of the customer when they arrive to your web site, what is the search term used to arrive to your site and what they favorite pages are and more…"

Needs re-writing.

"By understanding of the psychological pattern of your customer’s web surfing habit, Eden Production..."

You need to change the company name.

On the home page:

"Presence Online ($24.95 Us)"

US should be capitalized, and would look better as $US24.95:

On this page:

"SEC (Search Engine Consultant)"

...should be SEC (Search Engine Consultants), plural.

Strange for SEO experts...

The Spot Keeper page (and others) doesn't have any description or keywords meta tags in the HTML. Your site should really practice what it preaches... Likewise with being listed in search engines - why is your site not in Yahoo's directory?

The extinct is still mentioned on this page:
(and Excite is no longer a search engine that accepts submissions)


Always a good idea for a site that sells services. If you want to keep the testimonials on a pop-up page (some folk hate pop-ups, whether they are ads or not), perhaps consider placing all three on the one page - they are short enough to fit, and would save me from clicking three times to read them all.

The image is not showing at the base of your pop-up testimonials:

 Search Engine Optimization 

Duplicate content

It would be best not to have the same content at:

Some search engines might penalize you, unless you specifically exclude search engine spiders from one of them via robots tags or text files.


Titles are extremely important to search engines. The pages within your site either have this as a title:

Unlimited Exposure,Canadian,Toronto web marketing,web design service, offers guaranteed 1st page placement, search engine submission,internet marketing,e-mail marketing,ecommerce solutions,streaming media

...or this:


The best strategy, title-wise, is to have a different title for each page, making sure that it is short (2-4 words is ideal), something that people search for, and is repeated somewhere in the text of the page. The name of your site needn't be there, because it should rank #1 for it regardless.


The length of my critique is totally relative to the number of things I find wrong!
I Provide:
  • Feedback from a typical visitor's point of view, not that of an expert in the field of your business
  • Feedback from a Search Engine Optimizer's point of view
I Don't Provide:
  • Fixes to HTML or other coding
  • Rewriting bodies of text
My Perspective:

Computer: 2400mhz PC
Operating System: Windows XP
Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0, with all cookies accepted automatically
Screen resolution: 1024 x 768
Internet Connection: Cable
Location: Australia

If you wish, I can use a different browser or screen resolution. I won't, however, test your site on multiple configurations.


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