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Expired Domain Sleuth - software for finding expired domains. Full of features. Free trial available.

 Expired Domains  

Expired Domains (aka Domains Bot) - you can search for expired and soon-to-expire domain names in real time. They are the leaders in this field, and if you are on a mission to acquire a great URL, try these guys.

Gain instant access to over 6 millions domains (and growing each day, with an average of 800,000 new domains each month) for less than the price of a cup of coffee a day!

Also try:

  • Mozzle Pro. Mozzle Pro includes six searches from simple to ultra-advanced and can automatically and quickly generate and check dozens of related domain names using word alternatives and popular Internet search terms. You can download a free trial.
  • Domain Alert Pro - browse 95,000 expiring domain names for $29.95/mo. Monitor domains for 10c each.
  • Expired Domain Sleuth - software for finding expired domains. Full of features. Free trial available.

 Used Domains - Sedo 

Sedo is the leading site for buying and selling domain names. You might be surprised how many domains are available.

Search the largest database for used domain names


 Used Domains - Afternic 

Afternic is an industry leader. Sedo and Afternic are by far the biggest two domain name dealers.

Domain Names For Sale

The best domain names are already registered and might be for sale.  Search here:

Domain Names for Sale - Afternic


These forums have threads from folk wishing to privately sell their domain names - developed or otherwise


Yes, the million dollar domain name boom of a few years ago has ended. However, plenty of folk are making a tidy profit from buying and selling domain names. There is an excellent e-book avalable on the topic, written by Lee Hodgson, an industry expert. I have read it and agree with everything he says.

It is called The Domain Name Goldrush, and is available for free at Site Point

 Domain Name Appraisals 

This is a booming business. You pay these companies to look at your domain name for a few seconds (or else it is automated) and then they tell you it is worth $50,000.

The selling of domain names for $50,000 is not a booming business, in fact it almost doesn't exist. Speculating on domain names will result in failure unless you either:

  • Try to sell the domains for reasonable prices, like $100-500
  • Predict the future, such as registering before the generic product was even invented

Having said that - here is a short list of appraisal services that don't charge too much, and do an okay job, if it's more than just an ego-boost that you're after:


 Monitor Domain Names 

  • SnapNames offer an excellent service. You want a particular domain name, but someone else has it. They're not using it, it's just parked. SnapNames can monitor domains for you, and buy them the moment they become available. The offer 3 levels of service - with the most basic emailing you when any of 10 domain names you choose become available - for free! They can also track domains you already own, and remind you when they need to be renewed.
  • Deleted Domains have a great free tool for finding recently expired names

 Some Tricks and Ideas 

  • If you are buying a domain privately, negotiate. Most speculators would rather make a small profit than none at all
  • If the domain sounds similar to a famous one, they might sue you. But think of all that free publicity!
  • Rather than paying for a service to monitor expiring domain names, perhaps you could do it yourself, with Domain Name Staus Reporter (freeware) and the Domain Zone Processor ($195)
  • Use an escrow service for safe buying and selling of domain names - they act as a middleman that makes sure the money and domain name reach the other party. RegisterFly's escrow service is cheap (1.5% of sale price or $20.00 minimum) had a database of 6.5 million expired domain names last time I looked.

Match string:   anywhere left right

Note: To buy an expired domain name, visit my Cheap Domain Names page and save money

 Other Services 

---->   Each week, over 70,000 .com names are repossessed. Simply because their owners didn't pay the renewal fee for their expired domain name. If the registration company doesn't receive payment by a certain date, they return the domain name to the pool of available names!

  • Dot Center - Meta-search Sedo, Afternic, BuyDomains, DotBrokers, DotSellers etc
  • Expire Fish - monitor over 30,000 domain names each day. Use them to grab an address the moment it expires. One fee covers as many domain names as you wish to monitor....
  • - Sign up once and get their daily list forever. See their recent free list.
  • Deleted Domains - free search of recently expired domains
  • NameSniper - offers advanced domain indexing, reporting and monitoring technologies created specifically for domain name professionals seeking powerful and versatile domain solutions.
  • DNS Research - lots of info

Internic FAQ - all your questions answered, from the controlling body

Q. I have got my eye on a domain name that has passed its expiry date. How can I find out when it becomes available?

A. When the owner does not renew a domain, the registrar will put it on hold, usually for a couple of months, before finally letting it become available. Unfortunately, registrars keep expiring domains on hold for anything between two and six months, or even more. However, it is often possible to recognise domains that are just about to become available. When the registrar finally allows the domain to expire it is still retained in the shared registry for a further 5 or 6 days.



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