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#1 in Net New Names & CNET Editor’s! Domains at $8.95/yr! All domains include FREE masking, domain forwarding, e-mail forwarding, 24/7 support and more! Transfers just $7.95! Includes FREE 1-year extension. ICANN Accredited.

 Verisign (aka Network Solutions) 

A domain name is registered every 5 seconds. Most have been done through these people, because up until late 1999, you had no choice! Unlike some cheaper services, they will never go broke.

$US14.99 (a year for 10 years), however they are the world's largest and most reliable registrar, so maybe you want to give Network Solutions a go?


Get a new domain name www.
* Easy to add a site or E-Mail
* FREE 24x7 live person support
* FREE account management
* Great multi-year discounts
Network Solutions was the first registrar to compete in the domain name registration market after the U.S. government deregulated the industry in 1999. They offer registration in over 240 country code domains (ccTLDs). With over three million domain names under management, is one of the most professional registrars around.


RegisterFly is one of the most popular domain registrars, and one of two I use regularly (the other is Go Daddy). They have great service and amazing prices. Their regular prices are always below $9, and they often have transfers for $6

 The Cheapest are... 

  • EzyAddress - cheap domain names $8.95 ($7.95 for 5 years) / $7.95 transfers
  • GoDaddy - $8.95 / $7.95 transfers
  • NameCheap - $8.88 (les with coupon), including free WhoisGuard
  • - Dotster is a Top 10 ranked ICANN accredited domain name registrar (having registered over 1,000,000 domains) providing top quality services, a one-of-a-kind Domain Discovery System, Web hosting and e-mail services, free URL forwarding and SPAM-Shield, and more. $15 domains / $12 transfers.
  • CleverDot - $7.77
  • Bargain Name - $8.95
  • PowerPipe - $7.99 / $6.99 transfers
  • TierraNet - $0.88 .info domains, with free 1 page web site - great for any short-term promotions
  • Yahoo! - $1.99 for new customers, first year ($9.99 a year thereafter, but you can transfer elsewhere when the first year is running out)

Get Coupon Codes here!

 Some Tricks and Ideas 

  • Check out the official ICANN Domain Name FAQs
  • Did you know? - Every 3 letter .com has been taken, but there are many 3 letter .org and .net domains still available - they are listed here
  • Consider a country-specific doman
  • Once you have purchased a domain name, visit my page of great value web hosting

Q. After you save the big bucks by going with a cheap registrar for your domain name, what happens when they go out of business for lack of new domain registrations?

A. Usually the sites you buy your cheap domain name from are actually resellers for a wholesale, ICANN-accredited registrar (i.e. OpenSRS, Bulk Register, INWW).

If the reseller has gone out of business or is not responding to requests for changes to domains, contact the registrar - it will be listed in a WHOIS search. Otherwise, if you have access to the administrative contact email address (hint: always make it your own), simply initiate a transfer of Registrar. Doing so involves a fee (don't spend more than $10-20), but also adds 1 year of registration to the domain.

 .info .name .biz .xxx etc 

Tired of .com?? - .info, .name and .biz have recently been released. Get yours before it goes!


 New Net 

New Net offer even more top-level domains, but they require a browser plug-in to work. What happens if this takes off? Another company will do the same thing and all hell will break loose. My recommendation: AVOID

 Domains by Proxy 

If you don't want your contact details listed when someone does a WHOIS on your domain name, use Domains by Proxy - for a small fee, you can keep things private, and, amongst other things, avoid spam.


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