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.ca is the Canadian domain name TLD

 .us & .la 

Not many people know this, but the USA actually has its own country code. Because US businesses have hijacked .com for themselves, .us has hardly been used. Ezy Address are selling .us domain names for under $8

And now Los Angeles has it's own code - .la (it's actually the country code for Laos, a deal has been done). $50 per year last time I looked.

 Dot TV 

The fastest growing top-level domain in history (100,000 registrations in 6 months) which means surfers will be getting used to it...
Available at Network Solutions or here



This is the country code for Australia. The cheapest place to get an Australian domain name is NameScout - $45.95 for 2 years. I've written much more info at my Australian Domain Names page

Note: You can only purchase 2 year registrations of - be wary of any longer or shorter terms offered

 Some Tricks and Ideas 

  • Anyone living outside of the United States will be aware that citizens are just as used to typing in their country's suffix, as they are the generic dot com.

  • To get visitors from specific countries, it really helps to have a local domain name.

  • Some suffixes are have outgrown their local usage, because of their secondary meaning. Country domains such as .tv, .to and .at are growing fast...

  • Check out a list of every top level domain (TLD) or here.


This is the country code for the Federated States of Micronesia. Perfect for music related sites, and indispensable for radio stations. Get it from Dot FM

  • They also sell the other muscial TLDs - .am and .cd
  • .am domain is also available directly from Armenia


This is the country code for the Pacific Island of Niue. Perfect for sites with NU / NEW content or themes



This is the country code for Tonga. They take pride in their "spam-free" policy. Visitors can be assured that all .to domains are legit and spam-free. Which is a rare thing these days!

Register Your .TO domain name Now!


This is the country code for the United Kingdom . The cheapest place to get an UK domain name used to be EasySpace - £5 per year.
WARNING - if you do not use their hosting services, you must pay $15 to point domain name to another host. AND, their hosting has banner ads, although they don't tell you this. Read my opinion of EasySpace


 Other Registrars and info 

.cc - Cocos (Keeling) Islands

.cn - China, just become available in 2003

.bz - sold by Verisign - not to be confused with .biz

.cd- Great for music & software sites, .cd is the TLD of the Democratic Republic of Congo

.nz - New Zealand, $15 per year last time I looked

.ws - get in while the good names are still available, available from Verisign

.st - As in Street! Great for,,, TLD for São Tomé - one of the least well-known countries in the world. São Tomé and Principe are located at the equator in Central Africa, in the Gulf of Guinea. - free domain names - only for Australian citizens. There is also & or - free domain names - for anyone. Just place a link on your homepage, and have at least 10 visitors per day

.eu - for Europe, now available - use GoDaddy

.ng Nigeria
.ne (in French sorry)
.ly Libya



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