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Visit Robert Woodhead's Multi-Submitter site. It is so good you'll want to give him a donation (but if you don't, he's cool about it). Even if you intend to submit manually - read his advice!

 Open Directory 

Bigger and better than Yahoo. Used by most of the top engines, which will give your site priority if it gets listed.

Click here for Open Directory categories, drill down to where your site belongs, and submit from within the category - there's an "Add URL" at the top of the page.
  • Relies on category editors, with regular human emotions and ranges of attention. Sometimes you'll get listed in a day, other times it will take weeks
  • They will only accept one page from each site per category
  • More at the official Submitting a Site to the Open Directory Project page


Can take many, many months (unless you pay the annual $299 fee) before they look at your site. But you must give it a go, admission into their hallowed halls will at least double your traffic, and give your site credibility.

Click here for Yahoo's help page on submitting. Also read what have to say (excellent advice)
  • If your site has even the vaguest connection to a foreign (Non-USA) country, then submit via the appropriate regional Yahoo, ie This will speed things up.

  • USA sites could try submitting to - they use the same index, but are less busy.

  • It really helps if you submit a root-level domain, like They look down on free hosting from your ISP or Geocities etc.

  • IMPORTANT: If you are submitting to anywhere within the Business category, it is compulsory to use their $299 Business Express program, unless you take a chance with Yahoo backdoor

 Ask Jeeves 

If your site answers a question more satisfactorily than what Ask Jeeves finds....submit!!
Submit via, with your URL and description. They are mega-picky! (which is cool)

  • Sites must load quickly
  • Sites should be polished, easy to read and navigate. Proof read everything!
  • Sites and site features must be free and available without registration.
  • Sites should offer thorough, unbiased information that answers a user's question.
  • AskJeeves must be able to send users to any page within the site, not just to a splash page or contents page.
  • Sites should offer additional links or information related to the user's question.
  • Sites must be credible sources of information. Having author and source citations, and contact information helps.
  • Sites should be maintained and updated regularly. Posted dates and having no more than 15 % ratio of broken links will also help.

Sample submission email:

Dear AskJeeves Editors;

Hi there,

I have several pages about BASE jumping, which provide user
friendly answers to questions your searchers may have. Some
examples are below, along with pages from my site that provide

--- Where are the best places to BASE jump?

--- What are safe ways to BASE jump?

--- How do I fix broken legs?

I think you'll find these pages helpful to your searchers, as
they are quite detailed, quick loading, easy to read, and easy
to navigate. You can visit my Snowboarding site at:

Thank you for your consideration.

Johnny Jumper - AskJeeves User

  • Giving your page a title and/or file name that's a question seems to help, such as why_do_birds_sing.html

 Looksmart / Zeal 

One of the top three directories, they have upset many with their submission fees...see the paid inclusion page for more info.

If you get involved with Zeal, Looksmart's non-business directory, you can get your site listed. It's a lot of work and confusion - more info here. 

Only suited to business, and costs $99 per year. But, if the category they place you in has a high PageRank, it could be worth it. More info here.

 More Resources 

  • Gimpsy - free (can take 4 months) or paid options
  • Skaffe - mid-sized directory, free submission
  • Tygo - free (can take 6-8 weeks) or paid options

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