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 Professional Searching 

I have provided a large (and constantly growing) number of resources at SearchEngineZ. However, there are a few companies that not only know of every public database, they have automated the process.

They charge fees - however there are two main advantages to using these services rather than searching on your own: they get discount rates on the fees that many bureaus and agencies would charge you, and they are fast.

Conduct background investigations on anyone or any business including:

Address Search & details on neighbours
SSN search - cross-checking a SSN with credit agencies can reveal address and phone number
Criminal Record checks at any Federal, State, or county level
Prison history searches in any state including current or previous incarcerations
DMV Searches; Driving records, Vehicle plate searches, Vehicle Ownership
Worker Compensation filings
Banking Information
Unlisted or non-published phone numbers
Birth, Death, Marriage, Divorce
Bankruptcies filings in all 50 states
Hidden assets
FBI files
Credit reports (more info on credit reports and what they cost here)

Fiind - This is was my service. It cost $25. Hopefully one day I will operate this service again

People Search Tutorial - free guide on paid people search services.

USA Trace - Search online. Best for doing a lot of searching. Charges a monthly fee, and then you receive reduced search rates.

US Search - Search online. OK for 1 or 2 searches. Listed on Nasdaq (SRCH), US Search provides online access to over 2 billion public records about individuals and businesses, including court records, judgments, bankruptcy filings and other public records. Their web site receives 5 million visitors each month.

Abika - Best for variety of information. They offer the regular searches of the other services, plus reverse search of emails or unlisted numbers, verifying employment details, name & address from a license plate number, police reports....they do it all.

Abika Comprehensive Background Checks include the following:
Subjects name
Date of birth, Age
Aliases / A.K.A. used by the subject
Others associated with subjects social security number
Date and location where subjects social was issued
Current and previous home addresses
Current and previous phone numbers
Others listed at subjects addresses
Other people listed at neighboring properties
Property ownership information for each address
Previous and non-verified addresses
Real Properties owned by the subject
Property assessments
Possible associates
Complete relative summary Possible Relative(s) name, date of birth, phone listings and more Possible Neighbours, Relative(s) active addresses
Bankruptcies, Liens, Judgments, Court cases involving subject, FAA registrations, Military affiliations, Professional licenses if available.

Intelius - they get their info from marketing lists, catalogue purchases, magazine subscriptions, change of address records, real property records, court records, business records, and a variety of other public records and publicly-available sources. Good value - $7.95 per name or $19.95 for 24 hours of unlimited searching.

Factoid: States that run their own utility services give out customer details to anyone that wants them, for example Tennessee - info on all the states and their policies

People Finder - from the good folk at
Search for a person, and you can purchase a report like this for only $9.95.

 First Name:    
 Last Name:     

People Data - From the original management team of US, just enter a name and location, and see all the possible matches, including age if available. $10 to see details. - searches from $7

Spy Tools - One time fee to use their web site of search tools (UK) - Search a database containing 95% of the adult UK population (45 million names at 27 million addresses). They also do Genealogical and Adoption traces


These tools allow you to conduct your own online searches. They can access the same information as the above companies, but keep in mind that sometimes there are fees involved (typically a few dollars per record)

Net Detective - endorsed by the National Association of Independent Private Investigators (NAIPI), and comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee

Cyber Investigator 2001 - looks like a re-badged version of Cyber Detective

Cyber Detective - Good value and comes with life-long free updates. Their site has lots of details on what it does, and you can see a screenshot.

Web Detective - another collection of links.

Where does the info come from?
Banks for one.


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