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 Your Medical Records 

Make Sure Your Medical Profile Is A Healthy, Accurate Description of You

When you apply for life, health or disability insurance, you provide medical information on your application. In fact, each time you sign a waiver on an insurance claim, you give permission to release your medical information. This information may be sent to the Medical Information Bureau (MIB), an information clearinghouse founded by insurance companies to help them reduce insurance fraud by sharing information.

Because the Medical Information Bureau maintains data on millions of Americans, mistakes and input errors can occur. Any misinformation could have an affect on your ability to qualify for some types of insurance. For instance, life insurance companies may routinely access your personal medical profile when they are determining your eligibility and rates. That's why it make sense to examine your personal medical report to ensure that it reflects only accurate information.

Your Medical Information Report Shows You . . .

  • General information including your height, weight, blood pressure, EKG and X-ray results
  • Health related notations such as a poor driving record or participation in hazardous sports
  • A list of individuals or organizations that have recently requested a copy of your MIB record

To Get Your Medical Information Bureau Report . . .

Write to the MIB to request their official release form. Just write a brief letter saying "I would like to request a copy of my Medical Information Bureau Report. You may send the release form to:" followed by your full name, address and signature. Send it to:

Medical Information Bureau
P.O. Box 105, Essex Station
Boston, MA 02112

About 3 weeks after sending in this form, you will receive an official release form from the MIB, along with instructions for signing the release and for payment. Send them back, and the MIB will then send you your profile. Please note: some people are not in the records of the MIB. If you are one of these people, you will be notified.

 Records of the Deceased 

You need to be next-of-kin

Visit this page at the Texas Medical Association for a broad overview of how it works, keep it mind each state will do it slightly differently


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