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 White Pages 

 TraceSmart UK 

An advanced people search at TraceSmart will access:

  • Current & Historic Electoral Rolls '03 -'07
  • 35 million additional Tracesmart Register records
  • 31 million age records

 Reverse Phone Search 

There is no online way of finding who owns a UK phone number. used to sell a CD-ROM that did it, but they are no longer worth visiting. For mobile phones, due to privacy laws, there is no way of doing this in the UK. If they are harassing you, contact your phone company or police.

 Electoral Roll Search 

This is the first resource credit companies turn to when trying to verify your details. Some services provide the electoral roll data to the public:

  • Tracesmart - view 2 personal profiles instantly for just £14.95. No registration required. Much cheaper in bulk.
  • UK Roll - £25
  • - no mention of how old the data is, site is ©2003

Official info - the data and who has access to it

 Find an Old Friend is a unique service. I would love to know what Robin Brown's secrets are - browsing through his testimonials it is clear that he is a talented finder of folk. He is a "ww2 sapper who keeps costs as low as possible and only charges about half of what others do for doing a full trace".

Child Locate

 More Resources 

Bulletin Board:

  • Missing You - thousands of postings covering missing persons, reunions, armed forces, adoptions and genealogy
  • LookUp UK - over 82,000 messages online - fully searchable - post a free message
  • Adoption Register - for all adopted people, birth parents, brothers, sisters and extended natural family members, wishing contact with one another

Birth, Death, Marriage certificates:

  • Official info
  • This resource is not free 1837online - entire copy of the indexes of Birth, Marriages and Deaths for England and Wales from 1837 to the 2002


Private Investigators and Paid Services:

  • 1st Locate UK - people searching and property info
  • UK PI - electoral roll, property, reverse address, marriage and death indexes
  • Google Directory - has many private investigators listed
  • Trace People UK - in-depth tracing, way beyond what databases provide, £29.99 upfront
  • North Court Investigations - process serving, surveillance, debugging, asset tracing, background checks.

Old School Friends:



Lost Folk:



  • Land Register Online - find out who owns a property in England or Wales for £2. You cannot search on people's names.
  • Our Property - find what a property sold for (from 2000 onwards), for free


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