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 Reverse Address 

 Reverse Address (USA)

Find out what your neighbour's name is, the easy way!
U.S. residences only

House Number: Leave blank to find all residents of the street

Street Name: Example: N 4th St
Use standard postal abbreviations without periods: St, Rd, Ln, S, NW, etc.

City: State:
  • Mail Drops - database of address which are used for forwarding mail. Another one is here
  • Partial address?? - use this tool to find every USA street with the name or zipcode you enter
  • Find the billing address belonging to a US PO Box

 Finding a New Address (USA) 

If they have moved address within the last 6 months, they may have left a forwarding address with the postal service. Try this trick:
Send a letter in the person's name to the last known address with this message typed on it:


This letter will return to you with the US postal label having the new address (make sure you have your return address on the letter). More info


Many states and counties have tax assessment property details. They list the owner, who often is not the person actually residing there.

 More Resources 

  • Argentina - reverse phone and address search
  • UK - this post code finder will list every business in a street
  • UK - enter the postcode and get all the phone directory listings for it (should be less than 100)

Phone Directory CD-ROMs - many countries have these. The more expensive versions are sold to market research and telemarketing companies, and have search capabilities on any field (name, address, phone number). At present I do not have any links to these - try eBay, or searching your local Google for "phone CD-ROM".

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