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 Reverse Email Search 

 How To Run A Reverse Email Lookup  

When you run a reverse email address lookup, you can generally find:

  • Owner Name & Address
  • Email Address IP
  • Owner Photo
  • Email Address Validation
  • And More!

Run a reverse email search- click here to search emails by name.

 How Realistically Can I Reverse Search an Email Address?  

In the early days, folk chose to submit their email address to email directories. Sites like Bigfoot & Switchboard were very popular. Everybody wanted to be found, to be communicated with...

These days there is no worthwhile, purposeful email directory. Those of the late 90's (ie Bigfoot) still maintain large databases, but the data is very out-of-date.

Your best bet is large sites that you can search, where the person you seek did not expect to have their email address so easily searchable...


However, professional investigators like Email Revealer are the real deal (and they only charge you if they find the info you need...)

Reverse Email Search

 Is the email address valid?  

Unless it comes from an email you recently received, it is best to check if it is valid.

Put in the email address you are searching for:
  • This form does not send an email, it just anonymously asks the mail server if the address is valid.
  • To be doubly sure the catch-all is working, try a nonsense email from the same domain, like when verifying
  • A similar service is here

 eMailTrackerPro - $29.95 

This software is great for finding out about who sent an email to you. eMailTrackerPro features:

  • Determines the IP address of the system an email originated from
  • Determines the country/region of the email source, showing the location on a World map
  • Plug-in integration with MS Outlook (full version) provides one-click email tracking
  • Identifies use of the common 'misdirection' tactic to disguise the sender

eMailTrackerPro analyzes the header of an email you have received, providing the IP address of the machine that sent you the message, which can then be used to track down the sender. The built-in location database tracks emails to a country or region of the World, showing the information on a global map. Optional integration with VisualRoute, Visualware's popular Internet tracing tool, provides additional tracking detail including the city/country location, the network provider being used and network contact information.

Buy eMailTrackerPro now
... or download a demo version

Platform: Windows 98, ME, NT 4.x, XP, 2000
File size: 0.46 MB
Price: $29.95

 InfoSpace - Reverse Email (Worldwide) 

Find out more about who owns an email address

Email Address:  
  • Type email address in the format:
    Enter @host.domain for a list of all users in a domain.
    Or joebloggs@ will return all listings starting with those characters.


Yahoo is probably the world's second biggest email provider after Hotmail. And the best email directory there is!.

Every field is optional. The more the better. But if that doesn't work - try less...

First Name
Last Name
State/Province (codes)
Email Address
  SmartNames™ (Bob = Robert)
Organization Name

Organization Type
High School
All Organizations


 Usenet / Google Groups 

There's a chance whoever you are tracking down has posted Usenet messages. Google lets you check. Just enter a name or email address.


 ISP Home Pages 

This trick works with any email address that comes from an ISP.

1. Do an Advanced Google search using the form below, using a keyword that might appear on the person's home page

2. Some of the results could be home pages of other users - use the same format to see if the one you seek has a home page there

For example: AOL users get a free homepage. You are trying to learn more about Search for joeynlaw, with in the second box.

return results from the site or domain e.g., .org 

 Country Directories 

Once upon a web-time, many websites were devoted to maintaining email addresses of people from their country, because back then most people wanted to be contacted. These days, privacy is a priority...

Most country email directories have died. They have either given up, or transformed into something bigger... Basically, country email directories no longer exist, except for the few listed here.

 Other Global Email Search Engines 

These are also slowly disappearing...

More Resources 

Spam? - try these resources

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